magical blend of flavors  
Pizzeria Gust (pron. goosht) is the most ideal place for all pizza aficionados! It is a magical blend of various kinds of pizza, pleasant atmosphere and that specific charm of experienced and dilligent staff.

Though it wasn't easy, Gust has reached highest quality standards of premium pizzerias since 1995, and has managed to stay on the very top.

Numerous visitors who soon become our faithful customers are the best vouchers to the quality of our service.

So all of you who don't know us, pay us a visit and see for yourself that quality is our essential asset.
pizzeria Gust in printed press
  Adria Zeitung, the leading Croatian travel magazine for German-speaking tourists (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), has included Pizzeria Gust among the top 5 Dalmatian pizzerias.

jezik/language: hrvatski / english

Pizzeria Gust / Slaviceva 1, 21000 Split / TEL: 021 486 333 /
vl. Toni Mudronja / OIB:45563028975